SparkPost in MarTech

                        Email remains the #1 customer acquisition and engagement channel in MarTech. Choose from a wide variety of SparkPost tools to deliver an unmatched next-gen MarTech solution.

                        Delighting and Delivering to Customers in MarTech

                        Inbox Placement

                        Emails that go undelivered leave revenue on the table and customers with a broken experience. Our email deliverability experts will help you craft a holistic strategy to ensure optimal inbox placement.

                        Tools for Growth

                        Choose from a wide variety of tools like deliverability and engagement alerting, industry benchmarking and automated IP Warm up to deliver next-gen communication solutions.

                        Real-time Analytics

                        Whether you’re sending transactional, triggered, or promotional messages, data-driven insights give you early warning about email delivery and engagement issues in real-time before they affect your business.

                        The Signals health score shows us predictive data so we can chase down issues without the manual work. It's great for us -- and our clients.

                        Kimbery Paxton
                        Deliverability Operations Manager, Cordial

                        Trends and Insights for Interactive Email and AMP for Email

                        The Email Delivery Partner You Can Count On

                        SparkPost’s deep knowledge and customer focus of their implementation team was what really made our successful transition possible.

                        Kenneth Chan
                        CEO & Founder, TOBI

                        Writing Email that Converts into Business Results

                        MarTech Companies Bringing Their Email A-Game

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