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                        Financial Services

                        Delivering Reliable Security for Financial Services

                        Data safety, security and privacy are essential to financial services and institutions whose very existence depends on the trust and respect of their customers. SparkPost’s technical and business operations demonstrate a mature security culture that underlies every aspect of our technical architecture, how we handle customer data, and our operational practices.

                        SparkPost has helped us ensure that transactional notifications are a reliable part of our customer-facing business processes.

                        Shivani Rawat


                        Delivering Data Safety and Flexibility for FinTech

                        Fintech products and services have to be nimble yet secure. SparkPost is designed to be plug-and-play so you can stay focused on growing business rather than worry about your email infrastructure. SparkPost effectively improves user engagement and retention by ensuring transactional and marketing email messages deliver a superb customer experience while keeping data secure.

                        SparkPost demonstrates a mature security culture with the utmost commitment to good security and business controls.

                        Enterprise SaaS

                        Delivering Robust Communication for Enterprise SaaS

                        SaaS applications and services depend on app-generated transactional emails for critical business end user notifications. SparkPost’s email delivery and analytics platform meets this challenge effectively by performing a variety of tasks that help end users schedule appointments, purchase products or even reset passwords. The speed and reliability with which customers receive notifications, confirmations and receipts builds trust while nurturing existing customers and generating new ones.

                        With SparkPost's Signals, you don't need a team of deliverability experts to inform your decision making - it's all right there in the app interface.

                        John Montgomery
                        Product Manager, ZipRecruiter


                        Delighting Customers in MarTech

                        Email remains the #1 customer acquisition and engagement channel in MarTech. The blend of superior inbox placement, great service, real-time analytics, and actionable feedback are the difference between a MarTech platform that grows virally or languishes in the marketplace. SparkPost offers a host of features that will ensure your platform delivers. You can choose from a wide variety of tools such as deliverability and engagement alerting, industry benchmarking, automated IP warm up, and list management to deliver next-gen MarTech solutions.

                        The Signals health score shows us predictive data so we can chase down issues without the manual work.

                        Kimberly Paxton
                        Deliverability Operations
                        Manager, Cordial

                        Delivering Measurable
                        Success in Every Industry

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