How Zillow Uses Email to Help Users Find Their Way Home



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                        Driving Engagement Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

                        Insights From the World’s Leading Real Estate Site

                        Zillow launched in 2006 with a mission to become the largest, most trusted home-related marketplace. Today, Zillow is the dominant marketplace for real estate information and services and has more than 110 million U.S. homes in its database.

                        Zillow considers customer engagement and re-engagement to be a central tenet of their marketing strategy. It’s also why email is critical to that effort.

                        Like the site itself, Zillow’s emails are designed to connect with users wherever they are in the lifecycle. Whether that’s through listings and tools for active buyers, information on mortgage refinancing, or resources for home improvement resources, Zillow’s emails are carefully targeted and highly personalized to be relevant to each user’s particular needs.

                        Responding to Implicit and Explicit Signals

                        Zillow views email as a feature of their core product, a key extension of how they handle notifications for their users. For example, Zillow pays attention to user patterns by watching for certain signals, such as an indication that someone has purchased a house or stopped looking for one. Doing so helps email deliverability metrics by reducing unread deleted mail, the number of messages flagged as spam, and so forth.

                        Email is part of our overall mission to empower users with the information and tools they need to be smarter about home buying.

                        Tara Clark
                        Director of Email, Zillow

                        Reliable, High-Performance Email Infrastructure

                        Given how important email is to Zillow’s business, it’s essential that time-sensitive messages are delivered to users’ inboxes right when they matter. For example, if a realtor is hosting an open house on a weekend, their users must receive emails about the event with enough time to attend. If those messages are delayed, even by a few hours, they quickly become useless to the recipients.


                        SparkPost’s API and reliability have been solid. SparkPost can handle surges in our email volume any time those bursts occur, such as when we need to deliver messages for the time-sensitive weekend open house and buying cycle.

                        Justin Farris
                        Director of Product, Zillow

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                        Security and Privacy

                        Privacy and security are paramount in all we do. We integrate data protection into the design and implementation of all of our products.

                        Email makes ZipRecruiter the smartest way to get hired. ZipRecruiter uses SparkPost to improve sending efficiency while enabling users to find their dream job.

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                        Predictive email deliverability analytics and health score monitoring, so you don’t have to worry.

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